About Me

Cate Gilchrist is an internationally published model, from Perth, Australia. Known for her fun personality, strong work ethic and reliability on jobs, she is a versatile model providing unique images for her clients, able to change her look and move fluidly from one genre to another. Not only is she loved for her can-do attitude, winning smile, never-ending legs and intense green-blue eyes, she changes outfits in record time, always capturing the best shot.

Cate Gilchrist’s career launched in 2013 when she represented Australia in London for Top Model Worldwide. She was chosen from thousands to jetset across to London to compete for the prestigious title, walking down one of London’s longest runways. Cate was also given the opportunity of walking in London Fashion Week, any model’s dream. Cate has since walked in various fashion shows including Melbourne Fashion Week, graced various magazines and has been featured in multiple international magazines. She is a lover of travelling and has booked jobs with clients wherever she goes, including London, Paris and Milan.

Cate also has a great love for acting, invited at just 7 years old to train with a private acting school. She has since accrued over 10 years in acting training and experience, which includes booking various jobs in tvc’s as well as movies such as A Son of A Gun. Not only is she a natural when it comes to modelling and moving in front of the camera, she is a natural at acting too.

To find out more, you can follow this vivacious babe on the website as well as her Instagram and social media.

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